Dawn raids as police crackdown on spiralling knife crime

Just after 6am a convoy carrying more than 40 police officers crossed Vauxhall Bridge as part of a drive to combat knife crime.

Police gathered close to an estate where known criminals are thought to live.

A strong smell of marijuana came from the flat where police arrested two men, aged 26 and 24. Officers also searched for knives.

A sniffer dog was brought in to help with the search.

It's complex. A lot of social-economic factors. Young people from deprived backgrounds and then you've got individuals that will carry knives and continue to want to carry knives.

– Inspector PAUL TRICE, Met Police

An astonishing £50,000 in cash was found at the property and one arrest made.

Police have already recovered hundreds of knives this week as part of an ongoing operation and this is the true cost of using them - the faces of some of those who have been stabbed to death so far this year.

It's a tragedy for any young person and their family who's the victim of knife crime. Since 2014 we've seen an increase in knife crime across the country - including London. It's not acceptable.

– Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

The mayor has promised £45 million to fund youth services for the capital's most disadvantaged young people in an effort to steer them away from crime and violence.