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Builder guilty of abducting, raping and killing niece and placing body in a freezer

A builder has been jailed for at least 40 years for abducting, raping and cutting the throats of two young women, killing one and seriously injuring the other.

Mujahid Arshid Credit: Met Police

Mujahid Arshid, 33, hatched his murderous plot after becoming fixated with his 20-year-old niece, Celine Dookhran, and the surviving victim, who cannot be identified.

In July last year, he attacked them at a house he was renovating in Kingston, south-west London, and stuffed Ms Dookhran's body in a freezer.

Celine Dookhran Credit: Met Police

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, Arshid was was found guilty of murder, attempted murder, rape of both women and their kidnap.

He was also convicted of sexually assaulting the surviving victim when she was 13.

As he was convicted Arshid ranted in the dock, saying: "The (survivor) killed all of them. She's lied to you."

Labourer Vincent Tappu, 28, of Acton, west London, who also stood trial, was acquitted of all charges against him, and Arshid was acquitted of possessing a Taser.

The court had heard that Arshid had a festering obsession with the surviving victim dating back to when she was a child.

When she complained about his sexual abuse, her family had not believed her, jurors heard.

Four years before the murder, Arshid revealed his rape fantasy involving the same woman in a web chat with an undercover police officer.

When confronted by police, Arshid blamed an employee for using his computer and the case was dropped.

In the weeks leading up to the killing, he carried out research on the internet and was inspired by acid bath killer John George Haigh, who was hanged in 1949 for murdering six people.

Arshid bought a freezer for the Kingston house to hide the bodies so they would not be found until long after he had fled the country.

He seized his opportunity when Ms Dookhran's family tried to force her to split from her boyfriend, leaving her "distraught".

He raped both women in turn at the Kingston house before slashing Ms Dookhran's throat in the bathroom.

The second woman was badly injured but managed to escape by talking Arshid round.