Will it be love at first bite for Boris and Betty?


Sea Life London is hoping love will be in the water this Valentine's Day as it looks to become the first aquarium in Europe to successfully breed Bowmouth sharks. Boris, who has travelled 300 miles to the capital from Sea Life Blackpool, is being introduced to local resident Betty today.

If the pair mate the baby will be the first of this type of shark to be born in the UK. Known as a Ray Shark, the Bowmouth Guitar Shark is highly distinctive with a wide thick body, a blunt snout and large shark-like dorsal and tail fins. They are classed as a vulnerable species as they face threats from the destruction of their natural habitat, of being culled for their fins for soup and by giant commercial fishing nets.

Boris and Betty have been given until Easter to successfully mate before Boris returns home to Blackpool. Who says you can't hurry love!