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Londoners fearing knife attacks 'travel by cab for their own safety', says resident

Some Londoners fear so much for their own safety they travel by cab to avoid being attacked in the street, according a north London resident.

Tributes to Lewis Blackman Credit: ITV News

Rosa Bramley spoke to ITV News about the reality of life in parts of London. At the weekend her friend Lewis Blackman became the third teenager to be stabbed to death in the capital in seven days.

She grew up on the same Peckwater Estate and says stabbings have become the norm.

When someone gets stabbed in this area it's not as shocking as it should be. Maybe fifty years ago it would be more shocking than it is now because it just happens, every day.

– Rosa Bramley, friend
Tributes to Lewis Blackman Credit: ITV News

Lewis Blackman was well known on the estate and, according to friends, a teenager with ambition.

Details haven't been confirmed but It's believed the 19-year-old had been at a party.

Rosa said parts of the capital have become so dangerous, some people are too scared to walk the streets.

Tributes to Lewis Blackman Credit: ITV News

Certain people, if it's just them by themselves, going somewhere they have to get a cab because it's too dangerous.

They're putting their lives in danger just by walking down the road.

– Rosa Bramley, friend

She urged the government to witness the problems first hand and visit the estate.

The government, the council, everyone needs to come to the area we live in and see what actually happens when we're here because they don't know.

Theresa May or The Queen, for example, she would not want her kids here every day.

If my mumhad boys, she would have moved - because it's so bad.

– Rosa Bramley, friend