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Woman unexpectedly gives birth in a hospital car park

A woman unexpectedly gave birth in a hospital car park after she was unable to get to the maternity unit on time.

Watford General Hospital Credit: Google Street View

Sian Austin was in labour when she was told to come in to the maternity unit at Watford General Hospital on Monday morning.

But as she arrived she "very suddenly" started giving birth to her first child before she could even get to the door.

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Members of the public rushed over to help while two staff who normally take blood samples from patients sprang into action.

Midwives from the maternity unit were also alerted but arrived minutes after the baby had arrived.

But after mum and baby who has yet to be named were checked over they were allowed to go home that very same day.

My husband and I would like to thank the amazing staff at Watford General who were brilliant throughout my care.

We would also like to thank the public who helped us.

– Sian Austin

A hospital spokesperson added:

We can confirm that a woman gave birth to her first child in our car park.

When she called the hospital she was advised to come into the birth centre but when she arrived she was unable to make it there on time and gave birth in the car park.

However, she did not give birth on her own as two of the trust's phlebotomists were present at the birth.

The birth centre midwives reached the car park a few minutes after the baby was born and attended to the mother.

We are delighted to announce that both mother and baby are doing very well.

– Watford General Hospital