A Metropolitan Police officer has been found not guilty of misconduct in relation to he was alleged to have stolen another officer's tin of biscuits.

PC Thomas Hooper was also alleged to have applied for a Fixed Penalty Notice issued while his driving a police vehicle to be cancelled, by providing a false and misleading account for his actions after driving his police vehicle back to the station in full response mode.

It was further alleged he took a two-tier tin of biscuits, belonging to another officer, and then offered a false account relating to those events

PC Hooper, based at Kingston, was found to have no case to answer on both matters following a three-day hearing and will now be able to return to full duties.

During the hearing panel chairman Naheed Asjad said the public would be concerned about the value of the complaint about the biscuits, which was looked into by other officers and is now being heard at a misconduct hearing.

She said: "You have a sergeant and an inspector and a box of biscuits that have gone missing and the only thing you can come up with is to refer the matter to Directorate of Professional Standards?"