Two young men killed in Camden stabbings

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Two murder investigations are underway after two young men were killed in separate knife attacks in Camden on Tuesday night within a mile of each other.

The teenager killed at Bartholomew Road has been named as 17-year-old Abdikarim Hassan.

His mother saw him lying on the floor as he died, after realising he was the victim of the attack when she called his mobile phone and heard it ring, neighbour Layla Awod said.

"She said (to the police) that jacket looks like her son's and can she have a look if it's her son and they refused," Ms Awod said.

"She called his mobile and it was ringing and that's when she realised that it was her son, and they refused to let her in."

He came to the UK from Somalia when he was two-years old and was the eldest of six children, his uncle Yusuf Ahmed said.

He was a student at Westminster College and was a "good guy" who was "always smiling" and liked playing football.

Mr Ahmed said: "He was a good brother. He was the eldest of six." He described his nephew as "very helpful", adding: "He was helping his mum, whenever he was off from college, he was taking his siblings to school."

Police investigate at the scene of stabbing in Malden Road. Credit: ITV News

Police and ambulance gave first aid to the teenager in Bartholomew Road, but he died at the scene.

Less than two hours later they faced a similar scene in Malden Road where Saduq Aadam, 20, was suffering from serious stab injuries. He died shortly afterwards.

The deaths take the toll of those killed in stabbings to 16 for 2018 already.

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Additional police patrols were put in place in Camden overnight and on Wednesday morning to prevent further violence.

The killings come amid concern over a surge in knife crime.

In the year to September 2017, England and Wales saw a rise of 21% in recorded crimes involving a knife, including a 13% rise in homicides; a 44% rise in sexual assaults and 28% rise in rapes where a bladed weapon was used, compared with the previous year.

Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command have launched separate investigations. Urgent enquiries are underway to establish the full circumstances and identify if there are any links between the two incidents.

– Metropolitan Police Statement
Cressida Dick has described the deaths as a Credit: PA

In a statement, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said: "I have spoken all too often at the anger I feel at the senseless waste of life. Today, two more families are suffering a terrible loss and my thoughts are with them.

"The frequency with which some of our young people are prepared to take each other's lives is shocking. For two young men to be murdered so close together - both in time and geography - makes this even harder to comprehend. Camden is a vibrant and diverse part of our city, the impact of these murders will be felt right throughout that community.

"My detectives are already investigating and I know that they will do all they can to catch those responsible. If you know something that may help then please let us know; if you would not normally speak to police then this is your chance to do the right thing.

"London must come together to make it clear that this cannot continue. We will not police our way out of this problem. There is a role for all of us - London's public, our partners and the police.

"There will be young people out today who are carrying knives - stop and think. Do you really want your life to end? Or end someone else's and waste your own life in prison?

"Whoever you are, if you have information, if you know another young person who is going out with a knife then help us protect them. Tell us. We will act.

"Today my officers will be making arrests related to knife crime, they will be using stop and search, they will be carrying out intelligence-led operations. My challenge to everyone in London is to ask each and every person to think about what you can do to help us tackle this blight on our city." 211158

Sadiq Khan is asking for an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister. Credit: PA

In a statement, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "I'm desperately saddened to hear of the death of two young Londoners last night. Two more lives needlessly lost to knife crime.

He added: "This morning I am asking the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary to urgently meet with me, my Deputy Mayor for Policing and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service to discuss what more can be done across government - including policing, youth services, sentencing, health services, probation and prisons - to tackle the evil of knife attacks on Britain's streets."

Denise Arnold, 63, who lives in Malden Road, saw people attempting to resuscitate the victim of the second stabbing.

"My neighbour rushed out because she knew there was something bad. She stood on her bed and she could see," she said.

"So she rang the 999 call and she was told to go down and check he was breathing."

She said she saw a large group of people gathered around the victim, adding: "There was a lot of screaming."