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Boris Johnson would not have killed off the garden bridge

Boris Johnson has said he would have gone ahead with the abandoned Garden Bridge project if he was still mayor of London.

Credit: Arup

His successor Sadiq Khan killed off the controversial plan after a damning report by Dame Margaret Hodge found it could have ended up costing more than £200 million.

Credit: Arup

But Mr Johnson insisted the Thames pedestrian bridge would have have been a "fantastic amenity" which satisfied transport needs, and described its cancellation as a "bitter disappointment".

He told the Greater London Authority's oversight committee:

That's not the decision I would have taken were I still doing the job I once did.

– Boris Johnson, former London Mayor

In what was at times a chaotic hearing, members of the GLA committee had to raise their voices in an attempt to guide Mr Johnson back on to the topic of the bridge as he repeatedly digressed into praising his own record in office and criticising Mr Khan.

The Tory MP also attacked the current mayor for failing to give the project the political "push" it needed and claimed the Labour politician had spent £9 million on it, adding to the £37 million previous outlay, before cancelling it.

I think that when I left office what had happened roughly speaking is about £36-37 million had been spent, something of that order.

My successor came into office as the committee knows and decided I think... reversed his initial hostility to the bridge and decided he was actually going to support it, but never really gave it the political push that it needed.

And as time went on he, I think it would be fair to say, blew hot and cold about it and when it came to it I think didn't feel that he really wanted to deliver the project for one reason or another. And in the interim further cost was racked up of about £9 million I believe.

– Boris Johnson, former London Mayor