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Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya 'knew what he wanted', says Wac Arts centre teacher

Daniel Kaluuya is up for an Oscar. Credit: PA

London-born Daniel Kaluuya is up for the Best Lead Actor award at the Oscars this weekend.

The star of Get Out and Black Panther started his acting journey at the Wac Arts centre in Belsize Park where a young Kaluuya learned his trade.

Kaluuya would pay £2.50 a session every Sunday for three years as he found out what he wanted to do with his life.

  • Steve Medlin, course coordinator and head of drama at Wac

Steve Medlin, course coordinator and head of drama at Wac, taught Kaluuya, he Told ITV London: "Daniel came in in the first year I took over senior Wac programme and he was clearly driven, he was clearly somebody who had that sort of generous selfishness; he was polite he was kind, but he clearly knew what he wanted."

Since his early beginnings, the actor went on to star in British TV series Skins and Psychoville before moving to Hollywood where he has earned great acclaim for his roles in Get Out and Black Panther.

Following his recent Bafta win, the actor thanked Wac for its help in his development.