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easyJet flight struck by lightning en route to Stansted

An easyJet flight was struck by lightning as it flew to London Stansted.

The airline said the safety of the EZY238 flight was not compromised during the incident on Wednesday.

EasyJet said its aircraft are equipped to safely withstand lightning and the aircraft landed safely with no reports of any injuries. The return flight to Edinburgh was delayed while engineers checked the aircraft before it departed.

EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY239 from London Stansted to Edinburgh was delayed due to the aircraft being hit by lightning on its previous sector.

The aircraft is equipped to safely withstand lightning and at no point was the safety of the flight compromised. In line with our procedures, engineers undertook inspections following the aircraft landing.

We would like to apologise to passengers for any inconvenience. EasyJet operates it fleet of aircraft in strict compliance with all regulations. The safety of its passengers and crew is the airline's highest priority.

– easyJet statement