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International Women's Day: Katerina Christodoulou - 'I chase dreams I never thought I could'

I am a Floor Manager for ITV News and in my spare time I write, produce and present weather explainer videos for ITV News London online.

Katerina Christodoulou

Being a woman in the media has been incredibly inspiring to me. Working with strong, powerful, successful women every day has helped me develop the confidence to open up, believe in myself, and chase dreams I never thought I could.

I feel that being a woman in London comes with many struggles, also being part of a Greek family where men are traditionally in charge of the house and considered to be more important is still an issue today.

This has been something I've had to fight through my whole life but having an incredibly strong mother who has taught me that it is possible to be independent and powerful as a woman on your own inspires me every day.

I am so proud being a woman who's in an industry with other women who are supportive and take time out to help each other.

I am also very proud to have a mother who has taught me that as women we can become and achieve anything we want to if we remain strong, persistent, determined, and do not allow sexist comments of another to make us feel like our goals are unreachable.