International Women's Day: Ronke Phillips - 'Time to be proud, but not complacent'

It's International Women's Day and, as always, there are huge demands on my time.

As I write this I'm travelling up to Birmingham with my Editor, also a woman, to speak at an ITV News conference.

Interestingly, there are now more women than men heading up ITV regional newsrooms.

It's time to be proud but not complacent. As a black woman I am always conscious that I am a role model for those coming up behind me.

I've been working in news for decades and things have changed enormously.

There was a time when I was not only a lone woman but a lone black woman.

It was a struggle to be seen equally and capable of the same work as the men doing the same job.

I would have to fight to be put on a top story, where as now there is no question I will lead the programme.

I have won several awards and am recognised for my work by my peers but I never stop striving to be the best.

I'd still like to see more women in positions of power and influence in our industry. It's good to see the pay gap issue being addressed.

Let's hope in the next few years people will be recognised for the job that they do and not their sex or race.