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Shepherd's Bush McDonalds plays classical music to cut down on anti-social behaviour

A branch of McDonald's has cut down on anti-social behaviour by turning off the free WiFi and playing classical music.

There were 71 reports of crime in and around the fast food branch in 2017.

Police have also begun patrolling the restaurant in Shepherd's Bush, west London, and say they will be checking CCTV for bad behaviour to ban offenders.

Playing classical music as a deterrent has often been used to stop teens hanging out outside shops and in tube stations, but this is thought to be the first McDonald's to use the method.

Working together with the police and the local council in Shepherds Bush to help them with combating persistent anti-social behaviour, we thought that playing classical music at certain times of the day would help to set a different and calmer tone.

It is working really well and has been positively received by many customers, so much so that we are giving real consideration as to where else we might introduce it.

– Atul Pathak, Franchisee

Other measures which have been introduced to tackle the problem include using 'more proactive' security guards, removing free WiFi and bike racks and closing the upstairs area at night.