Royal Albert Hall 12-seat box, with The Queen as your neighbour, goes up for sale

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A 12-seat box in the Royal Albert Hall could be Britain’s most expensive piece of real estate after it was put on the market for £3 million.

The Grand Tier box, which is larger than average, is just two boxes away from the Queen's.

It provides an enviable view of the stage which has seen the likes of the Baftas, Titanic Live, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s The Music Of Bond and the European Premier of the latest installment of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi performed recently.

Future performances at the Grade I listed Kensington concert hall, include Cirque Du Soleil's Ovo, Morrissey, Toto, Dionne Warwick, Art Garfunkel, The Proms and The Olivier Awards.

The 12-seat box, which has 848 years left on its lease, is on the market with Harrods Estates for £3 million.

There are no official details on the size of the box, but at £3 million it is thought to be the most expensive piece of real estate per square foot for sale in the UK.

The venue, in Kensington, was originally to be named the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences, but was changed to the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences in 1867, in memory of Queen Victoria’s husband and consort.> Queen Victoria acquired 20 boxes on this tier when the hall opened.> The new owner of the box will automatically receive a membership to the Corporation of the Halls of Arts and Science.> Membership was granted to individuals who put up the capital to fund the building of the hall in the 1860s, who then acquired seats in return for governing the Hall for the nation’s benefit.> As a member, the owner of the Box will be responsible for such duties as electing the Council and the Hall’s President, approving the level of the annual contribution, and ensuring that the purposes and traditions of the Corporation are upheld.