Sexual assaults soar on London Underground, up 192% in five years

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Reports of sexual assaults on London Underground have almost tripled in five years.

Figures obtained by ITV London show there were 828 cases last year. One victim, Zoe Burt, was assaulted in the middle of the morning rush hour on a crowded platform.

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I had my phone in one hand and hand by my side and I felt something on my hand - he had it out over his jogging bottoms I was scared, I didn't know what to do. I felt very targeted and I genuinely believe that he was doing it every day but not everybody comes forward.

Zoe Burt

Across the whole Transport for London network, including buses and overground trains, there were more than 2,300 sexual assaults last year, an average of six every day.

The message from both police and Transport for London is that with more suspects being caught, the more victims come forward.

That's why they applaud the increasing number of people reporting their experiences.

Our surveys aren't showing us that the crime is going up, what is increasing is the number of women who are coming forward to tell us about it. Women are now feeling confident and that's a really positive move for us.

British Transport Police

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