1. ITV Report

Wet March gives way to warm early April in London with double-digit temperatures

A wet March has given way to a warm early April as forecasters predict double-digit temperatures in London and the South East heading towards the weekend.

The Met Office said Thursday and Friday would be clear and sunny for most parts of the country, reaching possible highs of 16C in the South East on Friday.

After a cold start, any residual cold in the east and South East will quite rapidly move away. Most places across the UK will be clear. It will be bright and sunny and not much in the way of wind. Today we are looking at highs of, pretty much everywhere in England, getting into double figures, with parts of the South East possibly 13C.

– Graeme Madge, Forecaster

The Met Office said average temperatures for early April in the South East, where he suggested the mercury could reach up to 16C, were around 12C to 13C.

So the fact that this is early April, it will feel nice.

– Graeme Madge, Forecaster