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Aspiring terrorist jailed after going paintballing in Surrey to train for jihad

An aspiring terrorist fighter who trained for jihad in Syria with paintballing and gym sessions has been jailed.

Ahmedeltigani Alsyed (left) and his brother Yousif during paintballing session at Blind Fire paintball facility in Surrey Credit: Met Police

Ahmedeltigani Alsyed was sentenced to four and a half and was also convicted of disseminating terrorist material, including execution videos and bomb-making guides.

The Sudan-born extremist was a member of a secret chat group planning to fight alongside terror groups in Syria while also building his strength at the gym.

Ahmedeltigani Alsyed Credit: Met Police

His brother Yousif Alsyed, 18, pleaded guilty to preparing terrorist acts and disseminating a terrorist publication, but will face sentencing at a later date.

The pair joined their cousins for a paintballing session at Blind Fire in Surrey as part of their training.

Yousif Alsyed Credit: Met Police

The evidence we recovered showed the clear intent of the Alsyed brothers to go to Syria, where they would join Daesh.

It is patent to me that their intention, once they had joined the terrorist group, was to fight alongside it as the brothers had invested time in training in the UK, including spending time at a paintballing camp and joining a gym.

The brothers shared with each other gory videos and images glorifying Daesh. They had their hearts set on joining their fight but our investigation stopped them.

– Commander Clarke Jarrett, Met's Counter Terrorism Command

Their plan was foiled when the younger of the two was referred to police by his school and they were arrested at Heathrow Airport after returning on a flight from Egypt in August 2016.