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Teenager too scared to go out describes what it's like to be stabbed and survive

By Ria Chatterjee: ITV London reporter

This 18-year-old was stabbed recently. To protect his anonymity some details have been omitted. He was chased down one night when he went to get some food.

They stopped. Stabbed me. Didn't say a word. Looked me in the eyes. Turned around and just ran away. When it happened I was in the street bleeding. I took my coat off - my hoodie off, all that. I had a shirt on, there was blood all over it.

When I first got in the ambulance they - it was really weird - they cut my trousers off. And, I was just there. They were putting tubes in both my arms. Flushing water through my veins, stuff like that.

– Speaking anonymously

He went on to explain how life had changed since the attack.

Not good really - education, college-wise. I don't see any point in getting out of bed - doing anything.

– Speaking anonymously

He explained how the attack was always on his mind.

Yeah. Always. It also gets worse because obviously I have to talk about it and obviously I think about it more. It just makes me feel depressed. Stuck. I cannot go anywhere.

– Speaking anonymously
Victim speaking to Ria Chatterjee

But he is moving. This teenager is now technically homeless.

Because the boys are right on my road. They hang about right there. All it takes is for somebody to see me - and I could just die, just like that. I could want to go to the shop and not come home.

– Speaking anonymously

The attack which he says was random has affected the entire family. His sister said:

It is extremely hard to see how much it's affected him. It doesn't matter if you're in a gang - if you're not in a gang it just doesn't matter anymore. It's all for point scoring. I don't know what they get from it.

It makes me extremely anxious. My child is 13, he's becoming that age it could be him next and he might not me so lucky.

– Speaking anonymously

The victim said the police have done very little to help him.

What have they done? That is the question.

– Speaking anonymously

His sister added:

If they were doing their job I wouldn't need to do it for them. We have these youths that are going around - particularly knife crime - they're not even covering up.

They're that confident that they're going to get away with it, they don't even need to cover up anymore - because it's not the police that are in control - it's the youths.

– Speaking anonymously

He said nothing would stop young people carrying knives.

I don't reckon anything will. They don't carry knives just because they want to. Most of them I reckon it's because they're scared somebody else will go to them and try and do something.

I thought about it myself but I can't even hold anything like that. I don't feel that's the right thing to do. I don't need to do that. Not necessary.

– Speaking anonymously

He's not sleeping properly scared that someone might break in. The council has suggested he move out of London.