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British-Iranian academic held in Tehran, says human rights group

A British-Iranian academic and anti-war activist has been arrested in Iran by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, according to a human rights group.

Abbas Edalat

Abbas Edalat, a professor in computer science and maths at Imperial College London, has been held in custody since April 15, the Centre for Human Rights in Iran said.

The Foreign Office said it was making urgent inquiries with Iranian authorities after being alerted to the reports.

The New York-based CHRI said the academic, who has a home in the capital Tehran, travelled to the country to attend an academic workshop.

According to a verified source with direct knowledge of the case, Edalat refused to post bail on April 25, arguing that he is an innocent man and should be released unconditionally and cleared of any charges.

Edalat's family posted bail for him on April 21 but the Revolutionary Court in Tehran claimed there was a problem with the documentation and ordered them to restart the process on April 25. He remains detained as of today.

The source told CHRI that the raided Edalat's home in Tehran and confiscated his belongings, including his computer, CDs and notebooks.

– Centre for Human Rights in Iran

We are urgently seeking information from the Iranian authorities following reports of the arrest of a British-Iranian dual national.

– Foreign Office

Prof Edalat is one of a number of dual-nationals being held in the country.

Among them is Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was been in prison since April 2016 accused of seeking to overthrow the Iranian regime.