Fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes believes Meghan Markle will "not go too over the top" with her wedding dress design.

The 77-year-old designed numerous dresses for Princess Diana so has taken a special interest in Ms Markle's style for her wedding.

Dame Zandra had a friendship with Princess Diana and also styled Freddie Mercury and Brian May of Queen.

"I love the fact she's got a gorgeous smile and she's got such incredible confidence - she's her own person," Dame Zandra told ITV London.

"It [the dress] will be very stylish, I haven't got a clue who it will be but I am assuming it will be someone British in some way or another.

"I'd love to do it, but of course wouldn't anyone say that? She's got a gorgeous figure, she won't go too over the top and I think every will be very proud of her."

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