'Northern Line extension causes Kennington to sink'

The London borough of Kennington is sinking supposedly due to the drilling work on the Northern Line extension.

Sentinel-1, a weather satellite which can detect the movement of earth, has found the ground in the area has sunk by 1cm over the last year.

Geomatic Ventures, who used the satellite's data, believe this issue has most likely been caused by drilling a vertical tunnel for the Northern Line. They found a subsidence bowl where, at the epicentre, the movement is greater than 1cm per year.

Paul Bhatia from Geomatic Venture said: "They tell us it really is nothing to worry about. Because it's a large area that's about 500metres big, the whole area is moving down but if we don't continue to monitor this, then we won't know if it is something to worry about or not.

"It could, for example, affect large infrastructure or lead to cracks in the road if it continues."

Transport for London do not deny the ground is sinking but do say it is perfectly safe.

The satellite footage shows how the area is sinking.