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Changing places campaigners go 'pants down' to raise disabled toilet awareness

  • Sarah Brisdion

Campaigners spent Friday morning sat on toilets in a Baker Street shop window to raise awareness of inaccessible toilets for disabled people.

They want to have more "Changing Places" toilets installed, which offer a hoist and adult-sized changing bench for people with severe disabilities.

Only 67 of these facilities exist across the capital, making up just 6% of Changing Places bathrooms in the entire country. Wembley, the Houses of Parliament and Tate Modern have incorporated these facilities but the aim is for more to follow their suit, especially tourist attractions and train stations.

Campaigner Sarah Brisdion said: "Unfortunately, people don't like talking about poo, pee, periods and toilets, so as campaigners it's really hard for us to get this human rights issue on the news and get it the attention it needs. We've had to resort to drastic measures to try and actually get the public and the government to listen to our cries for help.

"It's impossible for us there aren't enough Changing Places toilets at all in London. London, in terms of cities in the UK, is one of the worst."