Crimes involving mopeds up 30-fold in last five years

New figures have been released which show the extent of crimes committed by those using mopeds last year.

More than 23,000 offences involving mopeds were committed in 2017 across the capital, up from just 827 in 2012, a 30-fold increase in five years, with Islington and Camden the worst affected.

The usual aim is to quickly steal phones or bags from the pedestrians, with mopeds mounting the pavement to commit the crimes. Other offences consist of stealing mopeds from delivery drivers.

Things such as an increase in car insurance premiums and the growing number of delivery drivers has resulted in an incredible number of mopeds being on the capital's streets, which is exacerbating the issue.

Many victims are targeting near stations where they may use their phone for directions.

Detective Superintedent Caroline Haines, who is in charge of the operation against moped crime in Camden and Islington, told BBC News: "Yes, there is a significant increase on last year overall, and that is very disappointing.

"Since January we've deployed a number of new tactics that are now starting to see dividends. But we're not done yet, and we're not complacent."