Grenfell Inquiry to acknowledge 72nd fire victim Pily Burton

The Grenfell Inquiry will acknowledge Pily Burton as the 72nd victim of the fire in June last year.

Officially, the number of people who perished due to the fire at the block of flats has been 71 but now that number is to be increased to include Pily.

She lived with her husband of 34 years Nick at Grenfell Tower and was rescued by firefighters from their 19th floor flat on the night and taken to hospital but she never returned home after months under medical supervision, eventually dying in January 2018.

"For 34 years, my wife was beautiful, an amazing person, truly," Nick told ITV. "I was in awe of my wife because she was very flamboyant, colourful, she had a lot of friends and helpful, she liked to help people, so she was very well liked in the community, she was just amazing, truly amazing."

Pily's widower Nick will give a tribute to the inquiry about his late wife.