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'I thought it was a prank!': Meet Pamela Anomneze the lucky Londoner invited to the Royal Wedding

By Sally Williams: ITV London reporter

Pamela Anomneze is one of those people you never forget. She’s just tried on the necklace that’s been made especially for her to wear to the Royal Wedding.

Pamela is one of the 1,200 guests invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle to be part of the celebrations this weekend. She has been chosen because of the work she has done in mental health care.

Pamela has worked in the sector for more than two decades. In 2011, she helped set up and now run a studio called the 306 Collective – a place where people with mental health illnesses can go and create.

They make pottery, jewellery, ceramics, do printing, sewing and so on. Through the process of creating and connecting with people around them they can get on and stay on the road to recovery.

It’s been such a tonic for me – it’s a real treat because it’s such a switch off and learning something new.

– Studio visitor

By contrast, Tamsin Haselfoot, has been coming here for six years. She now creates exquisite jewellery.

This is a really important part of my week to make me feel someone knows I exist, someone cares whether I have or haven’t turned up and that’s I think really important for every human.

– Tamsin Haselfoot

Tamsin has been part of the team making the necklace for Pamela for Saturday. When Pamela first discovered she’d been invited she thought it was an April fool.

I got the telephone call – couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a prank. I mean it was early April so I thought who on earth would invite me to a Royal Wedding? I don’t think it’s me and then I got the letter and I said 'Oh Father help me – I’m so Blessed.' Thank God at last we are being recognised.

– Pamela Anomneze

Her colleagues describe her as a life force and their ambassador. She sees herself simply as scaffolding 'trying to hold bits together'.