Nanny verdict: Sabrina Kouider 'waged five-year war' on ex-boyfriend

Sabrina Kouider was fixated with her ex-boyfriend Mark Walton. She waged a five-year war on the singer songwriter, reporting him to police more than 30 times. Her claims veering from accusations of black magic to the sexual abuse of a cat.

Sabrina Kouider Credit: Met Police

Kouider's campaign of hate began when the Boyzone star stopped paying her tens of thousands of pounds in rent and living expenses. The fashion designer first tried to get police support and when that failed she resorted to online trolling, falsely accusing Mr Walton on Facebook of being a paedophile.

Kouider soon turned her attention to her nanny, accusing her of plotting with the pop star against her. At one point she marched the au pair to Lavender Hill police station to try and force her to "confess."

Sophie told officers the allegations were untrue and the police did not take the accusations further but Kouider and Medouni continued to interrogate the nanny at home.

Police records showed Kouider had contacted them dozens of times between 2012 and 2017 and also had repeated dealings with social services.

On July 16 2012, she reported a "crazy argument" with Mr Walton, accusing him of cheating. No allegation of violence was made and days later they were back together.

But on October 30, after they split up, she claimed he had been violent towards her three times during their relationship.

On December 6, Kouider complained about 60 voicemails from Mr Walton, although none of them contained any threats. He was in Dublin with his parents at the time and the case was later closed.

In March 2014, she repeatedly claimed she had been "hacked" by Mr Walton. So-called "nasty" emails from him turned out to contain apologies and expressions of love.

On April 28, Kouider was found "very agitated, kicking and screaming" outside her new home in Wimbledon Park Road in south-west London. She claimed Mr Walton had been "using black magic to control her and there was nothing she could do about it".

Between May and June 2014, Kouider repeatedly complained to police that they were not taking her allegations against Mr Walton seriously.

On 4 July 2014, she told police he had hacked her Facebook account and breached a non-molestation order as soon as it had been made.

In police interview, Mr Walton denied wrongdoing, saying he had continued to support her financially until three months earlier.

After they broke up, Kouider would contact Walton every three months asking for money, which he would give to her. He paid £15,000 for a deposit for a house and gave her another £20,000 eight months earlier.

The complaints continued into 2015 as police noted that Kouider struggled to accept Mr Walton had no case to answer.

On September 19 2015, she set up a fake Facebook account and posted a message calling Mr Walton a "paedophile", for which she received a police caution in December.

On March 14 2016, Kouider renewed her campaign, accusing Mr Walton of sexually abusing a cat and bribing social services to make trouble for her.

On August 10 2017, she took Miss Lionnet to Lavender Hill police station, claiming she had met Mr Walton, who had threatened to shoot the family.

But in a private conversation with an officer, Miss Lionnet confided that "none of it was true, she had not seen any male and no threats were made".

The next month, Sophie was dead after being tortured into confessing to being in league with Mr Walton.

Throughout the trial the defendants refused to accept that Mr Walton and Miss Lionnet had never even met.