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Scarred model tries to rebuild career after vicious dog attack

Model Suzel Mackintosh is trying to rebuild her career after suffering facial scarring when she was attacked by a friend's dog.

For months she has been working towards getting her career back on track following the surprise attack when the dog jumped onto her face, resulting in damage to her nose, cheek and lips.

Despite emergency plastic surgery she was left with permanent nerve damage to her lips and face.

Having previously modelled for international designers, she has struggled to secure work since suffering her injuries.

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In addition to having to restart her career, Suzel has suffered online abuse. "A lot of people would message saying I deserved what happened. It was quite nasty. Someone said 'what's the hell's wrong with her lip?'," Suzel told ITV London.

Since then she has documented her recovery on Instagram and has received messages of support from others who have scars.

"I'm trying to make scars look cool and anyone one that has any scarring from whether it was as dog bite, cancer or anything. I just want them to feel comfortable in their own skin and flaunt it."

She is now crowdfunding for another round of reconstructive surgery but would give the money to another victim if she can raise enough through modelling work.