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Former Scotland Yard detective tweets tips on preventing moped attacks

A former Scotland Yard detective has tweeted tips on how to prevent moped gang attacks.

Michael McIntyre moments after being attacked by moped thieves Credit: SWNS

Crime fighter turned crime writer David Videcette says simply varying the daily routine could stop you becoming a target.

His came in response to the attack on comedian Michael McIntyre who was robbed of his £15,000 watch by a moped gang.

Michael McIntyre moments after being attacked by moped thieves Credit: SWNS
Credit: Twitter/@davidvidecette

In a series of tweets, David adds:

First off, timing & location of attack. I’m totally not interested in moaning about double yellow line parking here, so forget that He’s stopped to pick up his son, and this would appear to be a regular occurance - it leaves open the idea that he was specifically targeted.

They’ve attacked the drivers side window with a hammer. As you can see they’ve had to hit it a number of times before it’s actually broken. Car windows are surprisingly strong. Don’t sit there & let them break it, drive off or move, don’t be a passive target.

Difficult to know order things happened in, and whether his son was already in car, or whether that’s why Michael got out, and gone to the pavement for his son.In any case, at this point, I wouldn’t advise putting up a fight. Being passive is likely best. It’s only a watch.

The moped is probably stolen, it’s number plate removed. It can’t be identified, and therefore can’t be tracked back to the robbers - it also can’t be linked to the scene after its left. So even if police do recover it, they can’t say it’s the one used in robbery.

Note the dark clothing worn by the attackers, nothing distinctive. Both wearing gloves. They leave no forensic evidence behind.

Passers by & people not being aware of what’s going on: One guy does go to help, but then stands and watches. Note the people on the pavement behind Michael, oblivious of what’s going on around them. Wake up! You outnumber these yobs and together could have done something.

– David Videcette, former counter-terror detective at Scotland Yard