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Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page 'to fight all the way' over Robbie Williams planning row

Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page says he will take 'every step necessary' to stop neighbour Robbie Williams extending the basement of his home in west London.

Jimmy Page, speaking to ITV News

The musician is at the centre of a long-running celebrity feud with Williams.

Home of Jimmy Page (L) and Robbie Williams (R) Credit: SWNS

Jimmy Page says the singer's plans to build a luxury basement complex will damage his own Grade 1 listed home in Kensington.

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, he refused to rule out legal action.

I know having lived there and I know from having experts in there that if something was to dislodge in the house and fall and break, you can't repair it. It's not like a regular house.

I feel very privileged to live in a house like that and so you do take every measure to make sure everything is right. Under my watch I wouldn't want that to happen.

I wouldn't want something to go through, something to be damaged in the house in more than one place, and go, if you'd have done that extra step then this wouldn't have happened.

So, I'm going to take very step I necessarily have to take - whatever that is.

– Jimmy Page, former Led Zeppelin guitarist

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I think what happened was there’s been a smokescreen of nonsense, this sort of idiotic stuff of 'Jimmy Page sleeping is sleeping in his garden' and all this sort of nonsense.

I did get an apology out of him, cause you see, he’s already done some refurbishments before so he knows about all the restrictions which were put on the building then – so he knows all about it.

Whether he has respect for a Grade I listed building or doesn’t? I think that’s a question for him to answer. He [Robbie Williams] did say something like ‘if Jimmy Page’s house can survive the Blitz then he can survive my building schemes. I thought that was really tasteless.

– Jimmy Page, former Led Zeppelin guitarist

A spokesperson for Robbie Williams declined to comment.