Bread mistaken for bomb at east London restaurant

Photo: Bombetta London

Suppliers delivering to the Bombetta restaurant in East London will no longer abbreviate it's name to "Bomb" on labels after bread delivered there was mistaken for an actual bomb. The restaurant said that six police officers in a van descended on the Wanstead Italian after a member of staff took the bread in "as normal." Luckily all that was inside the brown bag labelled "BOMB" was a loaf of bread.

One passer by on the morning school run, Jo Evans, commented on the commotion saying she saw it "kicking off" and "all of a sudden there were police EVERYWHERE!" In a series of tweets, the restaurant made light of the event and even posted a picture of a man holding up a sliced loaf, referring to him as their "bread disposal expert".

The small Italian restaurant also commented that they have made the news before but only for their food, and never thought it would be as the result of a bomb scare!