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Grenfell: Parents of Gloria Trevisan never thought this would happen

In Grenfell flat number 202, on the 23rd floor, a young Italian couple, Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi, were building a new life for themselves in London. They'd only been in the capital three months.

Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi

On the night of the fire, Gloria called her mother, in Italy to say goodbye. A year on, her mother, Emanuela Disaro, and her father, Loris Trevisan, told ITV News they are still angry, and can't believe such a thing could happen in England.

Loris Trevisan and Emanuela Disaro

It's not easy, I need much more time to come to terms with the fact I've lost someone I loved.

I have to go into her bedroom to look at photos. It's something I do every day.

– Loris Trevisan, father

The last time they spoke to their daughter was on the night of the fire. As flames engulfed the tower Gloria and her boyfriend made a series of harrowing phone calls to Italy.

Final farewells and poignant messages she left for friends and family - details of which often too painful to reveal.

I received one of those messages before the last phone call. She said goodbye to me, she said she wanted to stay with Marco. She had to stay with him.

They were very important, very beautiful words. Very intimate.

– Emanuela Disaro, mother

They had only been in London for three months. Both had jobs at architecture firms and they were happy.

Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi

On Instagram Gloria posted pictures of them enjoying the city they now called home. Out with friends, even the view from their flat on the 23rd floor. But their safety was never an issue.

View from the flat on the 23rd floor

When Gloria told me she was moving into Grenfell Tower the first thing I thought was The Twin Towers.

She said there were so many skyscrapers in London. But I never, never, never thought anything like this would happen.

– Emanuela Disaro, mother

The advice from firefighters to 'stay put' - the advice that kept Gloria and Marco in their flat while others ran - was wrong.

This is the most terrible thing that really makes us angry. To realise this could have been avoided, at least for the victims because they were given wrong orders.

– Loris Trevisan, father

It wasn't due to their incompetence or because they didn't want to help them.

But because they didn't know the type of material that was there and how quickly it would catch fire.

– Emanuela Disaro, mother

At the cemetery near her home town not far from Venice is the plaque where Gloria is buried.

She is pictured with Marco - together as they were when they died.