Residents of a London block of flats were alerted to a fire in their building a year on from the Grenfell Tower disaster by screaming onlookers when there was no alarm.

Alix Mabon, 25, praised the bravery of three teenagers who drew her attention to the fire in the 20-storey tower block before running up the stairs knocking on doors.

Around 150 people were evacuated from Roma Corte, in Lewisham, as around 60 firefighters arrived at the scene at around 4.15am on Thursday.

London Fire Brigade said a sprinkler system suppressed the fire, which was contained and extinguished in a flat on the 13th floor. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Residents praised the response of the emergency services, but said they were worried by the lack of an alarm.

We're on the top floor and woke up because there was shouting outside, so went out on the balcony, and people in the building opposite were screaming, 'fire, fire'. We didn't see anything, but they started waving and pointing and shouted, 'you, it's in your block, get out of the building'. We started running down the stairs and banged on doors as we were going down.

Christoph Mayr