ITV News investigation: Viagogo advertises concert tickets it doesn't have

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An ITV News investigation has uncovered evidence that the secondary ticketing website Viagogo is advertising tickets it doesn't have. Undercover footage shows a man who admitted working for the company, claiming they sent him to an Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley to buy tickets from touts on the ground to give to Viagogo's customers. We showed the filming to the MP in charge of an inquiry into ticket websites who said it's fraud.

By Chloe Keedy: ITV News reporter

They came to Wembley in their thousands but as Ed Sheeran fans poured into the stadium, others were stuck outside.

They bought their seats on the ticket resale site, Viagogo, which has been banned by Ed Sheeran from selling tickets for his shows.

ITV News went out with the team he hired to get touts away from his tour. They are looking for people who work for Viagogo. After a tip-off they find what they're looking for.

Team hired to get touts away from Ed Sheeran's tour

One man says he has been sent to hand over tickets to customers, but there's a problem - he has envelopes but no tickets.

Man found with envelopes but no tickets Credit: Secret filming

It means fans who have up to paid £230 per ticket, three times face value, have been left empty handed. Two of them travelled all the way from Israel. Viagogo told them to collect their tickets here.

Even the expert who is trying to tackle the problem can't believe Viagogo could be buying tickets off the street.

Empty envelopes which should contain Ed Sheeran tickets

So all the people who were expecting to pick their tickets up from the hotel have instead been brought to a centre where there is a dedicated team of people helping what they call 'the victims' of Viagogo.

3,000 came to the centre over the course of the weekend for advice on how to get their money back and the chance to buy a new face value ticket.>We showed our footage to the Chair of the Secondary Ticketing Inquiry.

ITV News put the allegations to Viagogo but got no response. On their website the company states it is a platform that puts buyers and sellers in touch and they guarantee to step in when buyers are let down.