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Trapped baby fox freed from car wheel using vegetable oil

A baby fox who got his head stuck in an abandoned car wheel had to be freed using vegetable oil.

Credit: SWNS

A resident who heard the young cub's desperate cries behind a block of flats called the RSPCA.

Inspector Kate Ford, of the RSPCA, found the distressed fox with his head wedged tightly in the wheel in a car park in Leyton, east London.

He clearly needed some lubrication, so I used some cooking oil which the animal-loving resident had retrieved from his house - and that did the trick!

The little fox was then slippery enough for me to gently work his head back through the wheel hole.

Happily, he was none the worse for his ordeal and soon ran off, hopefully to be reunited with his family.

This is definitely a case where curiosity caught the cub. I’d like to thank the local Leyton resident for helping to make this a happy ending.

– Inspector Kate Ford, RSPCA