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Rare albino squirrel spotted scampering up a tree in Surrey

A rare albino squirrel was spotted scampering up a tree on a street in Banstead, Surrey.

Credit: SWNS

The white rodent, with red eyes, was seen running across a road before it disappeared up a tree and out of sight. The odds of seeing one are just one in 100,000.

Credit: SWNS

I was quite shocked when I did see it. It ran across the road in front of me and then ran up a tree. It stopped about halfway up for about four minutes, and then disappeared. I felt quite privileged to have seen it really.

I was actually just on my way to do a quote for a client, and when I mentioned it to him he said he thought he had seen a white squirrel early that morning.

But he said he wasn't sure whether it was just his eyes playing tricks on him.

– Matthew Throup