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Parents pay tribute to graffiti artist son killed by train

The parents of a one of three graffiti artists hit by a train at Loughborough Junction have paid tribute to their son and criticised the chairman of the Beckenham Conservative Association for calling the deceased "common scum".

Harrison Scott-Hood, 23, died alongside Alberto Fresneda Carrasco, 19, and Jack Gilbert, 23, while they were believed to be spray painting on train tracks in the early hours of Monday morning.

His mother Susie said Harrison had "phenomenal talent" and spoke of his "wicked sense of humour".

Susie Hood told ITV London: "It's sort of strange when you're his mother but it's not with Harry, he was actually very, very special.

"He lived his life, he lived it the way he wanted to live it, he was so kind and his talent was phenomenal, we did not realise. His art was his love, his passion, his photography was brilliant, he writes poetry, he raps, cooks brilliantly and a wicked sense of humour.

"He loved life and he just went for it.

Harrison Scott-Hood (far left) was killed in the early hours of Monday morning.

"He added something to people's lives and that's what we've got from everyone, you cannot believe the written words we've had, pages and pages from people saying 'our lives are better because of knowing him' and the way that makes us feel is just so tremendously proud."

Brian Cooke chairman of the Beckenham Conservative Association and a former Transport for London tweeted criticism of press reports describing the three deceased as "graffiti artists".

Mr Cooke tweeted: “They are no such thing they are common scum and criminals who cost the railway millions and keep fares high.”

Mrs Hood said of Mr Cooke: "He's a coward and he's vile. That man can say those things about people, he doesn't know our son, he doesn't know where he comes from, he's ignorant, that's what he is totally ignorant."

Mr Cooke did not reply to ITV News' request for comment.