Kingori leading Vogue revolution as first female publishing director in 102-year history

Vanessa Kingori is leading a revolution at Vogue, as the organisation's first female publishing director.

Educated in Twickenham, her role now means she has to manage brands and people, as well as ensuring it is profitable.

"One hundred and two years old, female target audience and when Edward [Enninfel] said 'you know you're the first woman to do this, don't you' I thought ' oh my God'. But you don't think about that day in, day out, you think about hitting targets."

The former model did not know what she wanted to do when she left university and she accepts she has enjoyed some luck with her progression.

"A series of happy accidents but when I look back it feels like there was a purpose to everything I did. Every single disparate experience I had from a career perspective has led me to this point.

"But throughout my career I didn't know what I wanted to do but I did do someone gave me the brilliant advice which was 'whatever you're doing, if you start it, even if you're unsure, commit to it fully, give it your all, enjoy it, find some joy in it and look after the people who are giving you the opportunity and it will see you through."