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London sees sharp rise in abandoned animals during summer

London tops the national league table of animals being abandoned during the summer months, according to figures released by the RSPCA.

The animal charity says it received nearly 900 calls last summer with abandoned animals ranging from dogs to snakes and horses.

Inspectors say some animals may be left alone while their owners are away on holiday.

Penny, abandoned in a remote layby last summer in Essex Credit: RSPCA

There’s no saying why people choose to abandon their animals, or why this rises in the summer.

Possibly people dump their animals when they head off on holiday and haven’t found anyone to look after their pet when they’re away.

Or maybe they feel less guilty, leaving a pet to fend for itself in the warmer weather, compared to the cold winter months.

– Paul Stilgoe, RSPCA
Penny rescued after being rescued by the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA say the problem is not just confined to London and has been responding to calls across the South East.

Penny, pictured above, was left for dead in a remote layby in Essex.

She was found just in time, by two men whose car had broken down and spotted her amongst a pile of fly-tipped rubbish.

Her owners were never traced.

Abandoning pets should never be seen as a solution to a problem, and we are urging pet owners to take responsibility for their animals.

– Paul Stilgoe, RSPCA

In total in the South East:

  • Essex had 312 calls
  • Kent had 283 calls
  • Hertfordshire with 158 calls
  • Surrey had 124 calls

The RSPCA urges pet owners to take responsibility for their animals.

When people take on a new pets - whatever that animal may be they do need to research it, make sure it will suit their lifestyle and that they will be able to provide for it for the entirety of its life.

– Paul Stilgoe, RSPCA