Decorators with criminal records pick up paintbrushes to inspire young people

Cyle and Nick hope to persuade others to make better choices than they did. Friends since they were children, they admit to the mistakes they made.

Both have criminal records and together they are now hoping to set a better example. For every job 'Good Guys Decorating' receive, the pair will paint a person living in poverty's bedroom.

For us, it' about being real life role models. To show you can make mistakes but it's about what you do to change that. And not just that, but to show that whatever it is that you want to do is achievable.

– Cyle Carth

They hope that by giving something back for no fee they can improve the chances of young people who, like them, grew up in poverty on an estate alongside criminal gangs.

A normal working class job or skill - you can make a success of that. You don't make the right decision sometimes. But I think the main thing is learning from them, trying to turn it round and seeing if you can put something back into the community you've come from.

– Nick Lynch

Picking up their paintbrushes to inspire young people to choose the right path.