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Firefighter braved 'overwhelming heat' to drag Grenfell residents to stairwell

A firefighter braved overwhelming heat to drag two unconscious Grenfell Tower residents and a pet from a smoke-logged lobby to the stairwell.

Oliver Desforges, a firefighter based in Soho, had been told to reach the top floors of the block but realised his breathing apparatus lacked the oxygen to do so.

In a written statement to the Grenfell Tower inquiry he recalled deciding to "carry on up as far as we could on the air we had, to try and save lives".

His team found one floor without any crews searching it - believed to be between the 10th and 14th floor - and decided to enter the lobby, despite being warned conditions were dangerous.

His colleague Richard Mitchell was knocked to the floor by the heat when he opened the lobby fire door.

I can honestly say I've never seen conditions like this in my time in the brigade.

The fire door on this lobby had worked very well as the condition in the stairwell, although very hot and smoky, was much better than in the lobby after we opened that door where the smoke was much thicker and the pressure and heat was something I had never experienced in my entire career.

– Oliver Desforges, firefighter