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Lifelong best friends score identical A Levels and win places at same top university, to study the same subject

Best friends who went to the same primary, secondary school and sixth form have scored identical marks in their A Levels – and won places at the same top university, to study the same subject.

Iram Farooqui

East Londoners Iram Farooqui and Meera Trivedi, who have known each since they were four, scored straight A* in History, Politics and Economics at A Levels.

Remarkably their results mimic their GCSE score where they both achieved 10 A* and one A.

Meera Trivedi

The pair will now take up places at Oxford to read History, Iram at Merton College and childhood pal Meera at Baliol College.

The pair attended St. Stephen's Primary School, Plashet School and did their A Levels at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form, all in East Ham, East London.

It is a bit spooky what has happened. We seem to be following exactly the same path without even trying to do it.

It is like we are twins because we get the same results, we go to the same school, college and university, except obviously we are not.

It is great always having your best friend with you because you know someone is there behind you if ever need them.

– Iram Farooqui

It is really hard to get your head around really but if you know us then it does makes sense because we are very similar in lots of ways.

It is not all down to some strange cosmic coincidence though, we both are very hardworking, you sort of have to be to get into Oxford, and we both went to a really excellent sixth form.

We both got this world class education that you just don’t get at other places. Beyond that it has given us the belief that we can go to Oxford which we never would have had before coming here.

– Meera Trivedi