Brother of teenager stabbed to death hits out at Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

The brother of a teenager stabbed to death in Camberwell last month has hit out at Mayor of London Sadiq Khan's claim that violent crime is not on the increase.

Julius Makuna's 17-year-old sister Katerina Makunova was found slumped in a block of flats in July and died a short while later.

Mr Khan told ITV two weeks after Katerina's death: " "I think we are seeing some stabilisation of the increase violent crime in London."

Mr Makuna was unhappy with the comments from Mr Khan, especially as they came soon soon after his sister was killer, he told ITV London: "I was shocked, disappointed, annoyed.

"I'm embarrassed that we can live in London and he can say something like that when knife crime is going up dramatically, increasing rapidly.

Mr Makuna also paid tribute to his "very mature" sister.

"She just wanted a lot more from life, a lot more. She would always worry about her future and now we look back and think 'you never had to worry about your future.

"For a 17-year-old girl she was very mature, just very happy and outgoing for her age."

Mr Khan told ITV London on Thursday that the loss of police officers and cuts have been a factor when it comes the ongoing knife crime in the capital.