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Victoria line's 50th anniversary: 10 facts to celebrate

The Queen at the controls of an underground train when she opened the Tube line in 1969. Photo: PA Archive

The Victoria line is a firm favourite for many Londoners as a quick way to get around the capital. While each station has individual tiled artwork relating to each station or the surrounding area, there are many more interesting details that set the Victoria line apart from all the other Tube lines.

1) Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch to take the tube. She rode on the Victoria line for its opening in 1969.

2) The line could have been called something very different! Proposed names for the line included Viking line, for Victoria to King's Cross, and Walvic (Walthamstow to Victoria).

3) Just below Stockwell station's platforms, there is an air raid shelter comprised of two tunnels.

4) Pimlico is the only station on the Victoria line not to have an interchange with any other tube/rail line

5) Victoria station is the forth busiest on the network after King's Cross St. Pancras, Waterloo and Oxford Circus.

Construction work on the Victoria Line in 1964 connecting Victoria to Walthamstow. It cost £56 million to build. Credit: PA Archive

6) Walthamstow Central was originally known as Hoe Street before becoming part of the Victoria line.

7) There are 13.25 miles (21km) of track making it the second shortest tube line after the Waterloo and City line.

8) To travel the distance of the whole line, it takes 32 minutes to go from Walthamstow Central to Brixton.

9) Built in the 1960s, it was the first deep level underground line to be built across central London since 1907. The only other line to have been built since was the Jubilee line.

10) The Victoria line operates 36 trains per hour at the busiest times, with 100 seconds between trains. Which comes in handy to serve the 250 million passengers each year! It's the most frequent train service in the UK and second most frequent in the world.