Baggage handlers break free into Freddie Mercury routines

Virinder 'Vinny' Bansal, Baggage Service Manager at Heathrow shows off his Freddie Mercury moves. Credit: Freuds

If you are passing through Heathrow Terminal 5 this morning you may be surprised to see baggage handlers striking a few poses in honour of one of their own.

Before finding fame, Queen front man Freddie Mercury worked at Heathrow, and baggage handlers have been "breaking free" into some Mercury-inspired moves to celebrate what would have been the late singer's 72nd birthday.

Following weeks of rehearsals with X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing choreographer Lyndon Lloyd, passengers will be treated to special performances.

In footage released by British Airways, workers with handle-bar moustaches and bright yellow jackets can be seen strutting their stuff.

One said, "We've been working hard for the last two weeks. Can't wait to show it off to the public".

Another added, "Freddie Mercury, the greatest entertainer of all time, going in his shoes is terrifying."

Credit: Freuds

Virinder Bansal, Baggage Service Manager at Heathrow, who also stars in the video, said: “Freddie Mercury was a truly British icon and I am delighted to ‘Break Free’ and celebrate his iconic life with my colleagues.

"We hope passengers at Terminal 5 enjoy our surprising and unique welcome to the UK, before we return to work. After all, The Show Must Go On."

Today's event is also ahead of the launch of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the new Queen movie released on October 24th.

Credit: Freuds