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Dog and owner rescued from fast-flowing River Thames

The woman was found up to her knees in the river as she held on desperately to a ladder to stop her dog being swept away.

Woman stops dog from being swept away Credit: RNLI

When rescuers got there they lifted the woman to safety followed by her dog. She explained how the labrador ended up in the water.

She was walking and then she must have sniffed food. Then she went under the railings and she was there. I was calling her back, you know, 'Brody, Brody, Brody. Come here!', and she lost her footing. No walking off the leash again on the river, no way!

– Rescued woman
Dog and its owner rescued by the RNLI Credit: RNLI

We always advise owners not to follow their dog into the water and put themselves at risk but to dial 999 and ask for the coastguard. We can reach a distressed dog very quickly and return it safely to its owner.

– Glen Monroe

After the crew had assessed that the woman was not hurt she was taken with her dog to Imperial Wharf.

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