An investigation is underway after a dog got dragged along a platform after its lead got stuck in the train doors.

The accident happened when its owner Rose Barry got her hand stuck in the train doors at Elstree and Borehamwood station.

She was able to pull herself free but the lead was still stuck which meant the dog was pulled along the platform.

It was terrible. There is a curve in the platform and either the driver couldn't, or failed to look at the CCTV. He should have been able to see me standing there half on the train. Obviously he didn't because the doors shut and he left immediately. There was no hesitation. I hammered the doors. Yelled at everybody.

Rose Barry

The dog was found dead in a tunnel near the station.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) are now investigating the incident which happened earlier this month. The investigation includes:

  • Procedures used for dispatching Thameslink trains.

  • The ability of train doors to detect trapped objects.

  • Systems used by Govia Thameslink Railway to ensure the competence of drivers when operating and dispatching trains on this route.