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Hedgehog gets wedged nose-first in a drainpipe

A hedgehog found itself in a stinky situation when she became wedged nose-first - in a drainpipe.

Credit: SWNS

RSPCA inspectors had to smash the ceramic drain to get the hedgehog out of the sewer pipe - before the poor creature became overcome with fumes.

The bumbling snuffler got itself stuck in a pipe in a garden in Waltham Abbey, Essex, last week.

Credit: SWNS

Thankfully, RSPCA experts were able to extract the big hedgehog from the drain before it was too late - because she had spent more than a day trying to keep her head out of the sewage water.

This turned out to be a really difficult rescue, as the animal was really big and had become wedged in a pipe between two access points.

What’s worse is that she was stuck face-down in the sewage water.

This was a life-threatening situation, made even more serious because she had been stuck there for 24 hours.

There was no time to lose, and after the usual methods to rescue the animal weren’t working, there was only one thing for it.

– Mariam Adwan, Animal Collection Officer

We needed to smash the drain to get at the huge hedgehog.

Luckily, the animal-loving householder was more worried about the hedgehog than her pipe, and gladly gave us permission to break it open.

Once we’d opened the drain up, we were able to remove the hedgehog, which turned out to be an unusually large mature female.

We are very grateful to the householder for their understanding and to South Essex Wildlife Centre, who have taken in the hedgehog, where she will be rehabilitated before being released back into the wild.

– Mariam Adwan, Animal Collection Officer