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Firefighters' statements a 'slap in the face' says Grenfell survivor

A Grenfell Tower survivor has told an inquiry it is a "slap in the face" for firefighters to suggest they would change nothing about their actions that night.

Rosemary Oyewole, a secondary school teacher who lived in flat 113 on the 14th floor, took shelter in her home with seven other residents, including her family.

Four of her neighbours died in the flat on June 14 2017 after a rescue team accidentally left them behind.

Giving evidence at Holborn Bars on Monday, Ms Oyewole criticised the fire service for not accepting mistakes were made and suggested they bore responsibility for the deaths.

Witnesses including firefighters and commanders have told the inquiry they did all they could, but the fire had spread beyond their control.

Ms Oyewole escaped down the smoke-filled stairwell with her partner Oluwaseun, known as Seun, and their four-year-old daughter when a rescue team reached their flat.

Various firefighters had told them to stay put on four different occasions before this, she claimed.

Peter Herrera, the firefighter who led the eventual escape, has said he was told no-one was left in the flat - an account disputed by at least two survivors.

I personally would like to thank the fireman that came to the door - whoever it was that said 'get out, go' - I would like to thank him, I am grateful for him coming back and doing that. However, my recollection of a lot of the other statements, that's not how I remember it happening. I would also like to say that for anyone to say they do not regret what happened or would not change anything about what happened on that night - I know for a fact I wasn't to blame, but I would definitely change certain things about that night if I could. I think it's quite a slap in the face for anyone to say they wouldn't change anything about what happened that night or they have no regrets about what happened that night. We lost beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people that night - innocent children, everyone that passed away that night was innocent and nobody deserved that - and if events had played out different then I might not be sitting here myself.

– Rosemary Oyewole