Family could end up living feet from major new Thames crossing

Luke Hanrahan

Former Reporter, ITV News London

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Few would disagree that a new road crossing is needed on the Thames to the east of London to ease the pressure on the bridge and tunnel at Dartford.

But plans for a six lane dual carriageway linking Kent and Essex at Tilbury - mean some people in villages nearby will have their homes destroyed. While others will suddenly find they're living right next door to one of the region's busiest roads.

This family now faces the prospect of living feet from the largest road upgrade project since the building of the M25.

The motorway will be 17.5 metres from my boundary point.


At first they were told their home which was half way through being refurbished was to be compulsory purchased by Highways England - a decision which has not been reversed.

Our lives are on hold. We don't know where to go with it. [A letter] just posted to you. There's a small explanation saying that you're not necessarily going to be purchased. Now we're going to be left in the middle of two motorways. The new one on the left of us with the M25 on the right. They're saying there's no reason to purchase the property. But it's awfully close to the motorway and I'm bringing up young children.


His home and a handful of other houses will now fall between the Lower Thames Crossing and the M25, a patch of land illustrated as trees on this Highways England image.

Credit: Highways England

Owners of properties just outside the development boundary that may be severely impacted by the scheme may be eligible for our Discretionary Purchase scheme. We may agree to purchase a property outside the development boundary if we accept a property is seriously affected by the proposed project.

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