One third of Londoners now working nights and can't afford to go out

One in three people in London work evenings and nights, showing how the capital's nocturnal habits are changing, according to a new study.

Around 1.6 million Londoners now work later in the day in sectors including leisure, culture and health, research for City Hall suggests.

Two-thirds of Londoners socialise at night, although many say activities are too expensive, while women, disabled people and those on lower incomes feel less safe.

People in the capital are drinking alcohol less regularly, with drink-related crime falling "significantly" over the past eight years, the report said.

Drinking out is becoming less popular. Credit: PA

More than half a million night workers are paid below the voluntary London Living Wage, the study indicated.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "There's no doubt that the night-time economy is a key part of the success of our capital but this world-leading research shows the hugely significant role it plays in the lives of Londoners and visitors.

"We're working hard to create a life at night that meets the needs of everyone but we need employers to step up and ensure the welfare of their employees by paying them the London living wage.

"Every Londoner is entitled to a to a decent standard of living - no matter what time of day or night they work."